YES, THE TIME HAS COME (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama)

22×34 Oil on Canvas, 2008

I painted this scene in November 2008. It is about the President Barack Obama and Rev. Martin Luther King exchanging their thoughts. In the back ground find a symbolic view showing the sun sets at the side of Rev. King meaning: A die dream. And a sun rises at the side of President Obama meaning: The die dream come to life. 


President Barack Obama, “Man of God, the time has came, and the light is very bright”!

Rev. Martin Luther King, ” Yes Mr. President, the door is open, and no one can close it”!


“I have a dream”, where this strong and meaningful expression came from?. “All men are created equal”, where this true revelation came from?. To come from slave to the world greatest Leader, who would believe that and what a great fulfillment of a dream? Don’t you think that someone powerful is in control? If yes, why not live your life with hope, persistence and perseverance?