Fine artist and painter with special interest in Urban, American,Haitian, Caribbean and Historical Subjects

I’m Christian Michel, born in June of 1949 in Cadouche, near Cap-Haitian Haiti area in northern Haiti. I received my elementary education at the Evengelical Baptist School of Milot. In 1970 a very well-respected native painter, Mr. Charles Anatole recognized my talent, befriended me and took special interest in my developement in the technique of painting and gave me art instruction. Under Mr. Anatole’s guidance, I developed my personal mode of well-received painting because I paint with strong saturated color, with motion and often with a subtle sense of humor.

            I’m recognized by The PEW Charitable Trust, The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, The Pennsylvania Council for the Art, The New Yorker Magazine, The New York Carib News, The Queens Ledger, The New York Voice, The Haiti Observateur, The Haiti Diaspo, The Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer and many more. My artistic perspective is best characterized as academic and my figures display a lifelike anatomy and humor. I can paint to satisfy any test, no matter how challenging it may be.

My painting is also influenced by the haitian culture, which include strong religious overtone, political commentary ( especially in the area of historical exploration of blacks) and a strong emphasis on family value. Thus, many of my paintings carry some very effective messages which arouse emotion in the viewer.

At the present time, I’m married to Lourde Michel with five children. I’m also very active in Evengelical Ministry. I’m a Deacon, a member of Wesleyan Men, the Lay Leader and the Trustee of Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in North Philadelphia and a member of the finance and stewardship committee. You are more then welcome to see my paintings, because I’m very confident that you will be amazed to see them and be blessed by their messages. May God bless you abundantly.